Although phones are capable of fast charging, it is rare to find a charger that can handle these speeds in the box. This is true even if a charger exists. Many of us still use old 5W chargers which are slow.

This doesn’t have be the case. Your phone can charge at a faster rate than you realize. All that is missing is a good charger. We have compiled a list of USB chargers with single- and multi-ports that provide fast charging for your smartphone (or tablet).

This can be plugged directly into a wall socket, or mounted on a desk. It is very convenient for multiple USB devices that you want to charge simultaneously. It makes a great gift for anyone you know who doesn’t have one.

Standard USB chargers that support 18W Quick Charge 3.0 are the fastest, but only if your device supports it. You can still find chargers capable of delivering up to 12W power. This is a significant improvement on your 5W charger. 

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